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The Holy Trinity

How does one even begin to converse about, let alone explain, the Holy Trinity?

Vibrant Faith offers this family activity to explore the Holy Trinity further, including invitation to watch the following video of Dr. Brad Boydston giving a basic explanation of the idea of Holy Trinity (during a Q & A session one Sunday morning at MasterPiece Church in Laveen, AZ). Check both out!

Explore the Holy Trinity via Church History: Dr. Ryan M. Reeves (PhD Cambridge), Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, does a nice job lecturing on church history in general and here specifically on three topics: 1) Early Church and Trinity; 2) Arius and Nicea; and 3) Who was Athanasius? (the Athansian Creed, borrowing Athanasius' name, gives language to the teaching and defense of the Holy Trinity).