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Creation & the Big Bang

Prior to seminary, I studied and received my bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics, doing research into the earth's electromagnetosphere. Although I left physics to follow God's call into ordained ministry, I continue to love the sciences and have never seen a conflict between my Christian faith and science. As Kepler, a scientist and devout Lutheran Christian, once wrote, the aim of sciense is to "think God's thoughts after Him."

So let's consider an issue over which people often assume the old biblical faith story and modern science to be in conflict: Creation vs the Big Bang. Claimed points of conflict include the age of the universe. I've personally never seen them in conflict, but a few years back I read a book, The Science of God, that blessed me with an interesting hypothesis. It's written by nuclear physicist and Jewish man of fatih, Dr. Gerald Schroeder, offering his wrestling with the ancient Hebrew text of Genesis 1 & 2 and modern cosmology, the science of the universe's origin. I here offer Dr. Schroeder's perspective not as gospel truth but as thought-provoking fuel for our wrestling.

These first three videos are interviews with Dr. Schroeder, starting with a quick summary followed by two further consecutive interviews that do a decent job of sharing his ideas about the age of the universe.

The next video is a more recent lecture by Dr. Schroeder (you can certainly find many more with a simple web search, if you wish). Amongst the many Hebrew words he uses is neshama, the breath of life God breathed into Adam (Genesis 2:7). Also, click here to open a copy of the NASA picture he uses.

One last video just for fun. Does the Bible possibly have anything to say about dinosaurs? Check out Genesis 1:21.