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Confirmation Rite

So you're going to make your Affirmation of Baptism, your Rite of Confirmation, this fall?

In preparation…

1.      Sunday, October 21, at 8:30 am you will make your Affirmation of Baptism. If you haven’t already done so, invite your baptismal sponsors and others you hold dear.

The preceding Sunday, October 14, at 9:30 am (between services) you will share your Faith Project at a Faith Fair in the Fellowship Hall. This doesn’t involve public speaking in front of a packed room (unless you choose to do that for your Faith Project). It’s simply sharing one-on-one whatever you create to express where you are on your faith journey.

Select a Bible verse that can become your confirmation verse we’ll read as you are confirmed. Need examples? CLICK HERE.

4.      So how do you prepare your Faith Project?

a.      Start with honestly reflecting on your faith and life in God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
i.     Of what are you convinced?
ii.     With what do you struggle?
iii.     What are your next steps in the life of Christian discipleship, including prayer, weekly worship, Christian community, Biblical learning, generosity and serving?

Want more questions to get at this? CLICK HERE.

b.      Now decide how you’re going to share your reflections by considering what you enjoy doing. Would you like to share your thoughts by writing an essay or story or poem? Or maybe you’d like to compose and/or sing a song? Choreograph a dance? How about creating a skit or a piece of art? Woodworking, anyone? Design a lesson to teach young Sunday School students or a service project to share God’s love? The possibilities are endless. Again, you’ll find more ideas at the website listed above. Need more approaches? CLICK HERE.

c.      Create your Faith Project.

Alert Pastor Steve when you’re done with your Faith Project so that you can set a time when you’ll share it with him.

Questions? Probably many! Contact Pastor Steve!