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FAITH5 Home Huddles
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FAITH5 Home Huddles

FAITH5 (Faith Acts In The Home) is a simple faith practice built into the core of our confirmation year.
God wants to impact your family life positively!!!
  1. Share highs and lows of the day.
  2. Read and highlight the day's verse from the daily verse resource - one a day - in your Bible.
  1. Talk about how the Bible reading might relate to your highs and lows.
  2. Pray for one another.  Praise and thank God for today's highs.  Ask the Holy Spirit for help with today's lows.  Include highs and lows of your family, friends and world in this prayer.  Close in Jesus' name.
  3. Bless one another with the sign of the cross - traced on one another’s forehead or palm as a reminder that you belong to God and to one another - and these words of blessing:
    • “Jesus, with your words as our words, your life as our life, guide our days and deeds as we share your promise. Amen.”