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LAY SCHOOL NEWS        Fall 2017


For the fall semester we will be trying a different format so please read carefully!
The afternoon classes will continue to be held on Tuesdays beginning on September 5th.  The tentative ending date is November 28th but Halloween and weather could push things to December 5th.  Classes will not meet during Thanksgiving week.
*** The big change is that the evening classes will be moved to Wednesday.  For the first three weeks class will begin at 6 pm and go until 8:30.  In late September the classes will become part of Messiah’s Wednesday Night Life program.  The WNL program begins with a meal at 5:30 pm followed by a Vespers service at 6.  Lay School classes would then begin at 6:30 and go until 8:30.  Lay School participants are invited to come for the meal and/or worship as well as the evening’s class.
Classes will be held at Messiah, Marquette (305 W. Magnetic) with Pastor Warren Geier (Bethany, Ishpeming) as the site   coordinator.
Four classes will be offered in the Fall 2017 semester, Early Church History and Worship and Liturgics on Tuesdays, Gospels and World Religions on Wednesdays.  (please note the dates and times for each class as they do vary)
¨ Early Church History    Tuesdays, Sept 5th to Oct 10th       (3-5:30pm) (6 sessions)   This class will focus on the development of the early church and the issues that led to the Seven Ecumenical Councils out of which most of our basic theology comes.  The development of the Bible, the Nicene Creed and other doctrines concerning Jesus will be examined. (Pastor Warren Geier)
¨ Gospels    Wednesdays, Sept 6th, 13th and 20th (6-8:30) Sept 27th, Oct 4th, 11th and 18th   (6:30-8:30) (7 sessions total)    An examination of the four gospels exploring the common message presented by the four evangelists, but also the unique aspects of each work. (Pastor Allan   Johnson)
¨ Worship and Liturgics   Tuesdays, Oct 17th   to Nov 28th     (3-5:30) (6 sessions)    This class will focus on leading worship (why we do what do) and also on understanding the symbols we use, the church calendar, and the liturgical structure of worship. (instructor TBA)
¨ World Religions    Wednesdays, Oct 25th to Nov 29th    (6:30-8:30pm) (5 sessions)    An overview of the essentials of the Christian faith and then a comparison with other religions of the world including Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.  The hope is to have practitioners of other religions speak about their faith  (Instructors TBA)
The Tuesday/Wednesday format does represent a significant change but it seems like it’s worth a try for the fall semester.  We’ll evaluate as we go.
A reminder that there is no tuition; the only cost is for books (and instructors do their best to keep that within reason.)
As is always the case, we need new students!  It should be emphasized though that one does not have to sign up for all the classes, one does not have to complete all the classes in a certain period of time, one does not even have to complete all the classes ever.  You can take as much or as little as work for your schedule and your interests.  The program is designed to be flexible.  Also, Lay School is not designed to produce Licensed Lay Ministers.  With further work beyond Lay School that is a possibility and some graduates have gone in that direction, but most students are just interested in growing in faith and becoming more active in their own congregations.
To register for classes, or if you have specific questions, contact Pastor Steve or Pastor Geier (486-4351; pastor@   If you would like more detailed information on any of the classes contact Pastor Geier.
It would be great to have some new students give Lay School a try, so consider this a personal invitation!  If you’re not sure, try a course and see how it goes.  You will grow in faith and you and your church will benefit from your involvement!